The Great Sand Dunes National Park, in Southern Colorado, was home to Molly’s family for many years. She and her sisters enjoyed a backyard of pinion pine tree covered mountains and clean streams to play in.

They didn’t know how lucky they were.  Years later, she would pursue a B.S. in Sustainable Living in one of the most land-altered regions in the U.S., the Midwest.  Iowa is notorious for being the most man-manipulated state in the U.S. and it was while living there that she witnessed soil loss, food, land and water degradation that would be the catalyst for a paradigm shift in her life.

Under the direction of her mentor, Dr. Elaine Ingham and the support of the Maharishi University of Management, she started The Living Soil Compost Lab. She and her team made the highest quality compost with diverse microbial life.  They did applications throughout the community and trained others to do it for themselves.

Molly is now the director of Haviland Earth Regeneration (HER).  She has had the pleasure and honor of working with farmers, composting operations, universities, and government organizations throughout the world in education for soil building techniques.

The goals of HER are to:

  1. Build balanced soil As quickly as possible
  2. Grow food that is medicine
  3. Train others to do it for themselves.

Molly Haviland

Soil Scientist