Zach Jones is the General Manager at Sandy Arrow Ranch. He is responsible for overseeing the execution of all practices on the Sandy Arrow Ranch required to optimize regenerative carbon farming. Mr. Jones was raised on his family’s Twodot Ranch outside of Harlowton, Montana and returned to the family ranch to begin the 5th generation of family management after attending Montana State University. Over the last 12 years, Mr. Jones has become a well-known expert and advocate for regenerative agriculture and holistic ranch management. In 2009, Zach helped co-found the Savory Institute, and with a core team of people, simultaneously formed Grasslands LLC, a boutique ranch investment and management company that managed assets in Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota, Hawaii, Florida, and New Zealand. In 2007, Zach started a business that became Yellowstone Grassfed Beef, a Montana-based company selling grass-fed and grass-finished beef raised and processed on two Montana ranches.

Zach Jones

General Manager