Our Mission

Our mission is to create a farming model focused on creating agriculture practices that improve the health of humans and the planet.  Specifically we want to:
  • Prove that farmers can break the chemical cycle that is modern agriculture by creating a new operating paradigm that dramatically upgrades current alternative farming methods (i.e., better than organic)
  • Create food that is so nutritious it is medicine.
  • Create climate-friendly agriculture practices that help solve climate change.
  • Cleanse the water table while stopping wind and water erosion.
  • Prove that if you take care of the soil, you create healthier livestock and wildlife.

The Sandy Arrow Ranch (“SA Ranch”) will be a test case to accomplish these goals.  The plan is to focus on the soil by utilizing science based biological solutions to return the ground to nature’s optimal balance.  Creating and sustaining healthy microbial communities in the soil is the pivotal component.   These lofty goals need to co-exist within a “wow” based economic model that is an order of magnitude better than conventional farming practices.  Success will be defined not only by results on the SA Ranch, but by the adoption of our model by farmers, consumers and all participants in the food chain.

Eric Dillon
Owner, Sandy Arrow Ranch

The Montana Carbon Project

Removing Carbon via Next Generation Farming and Ranching
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Beyond Organic

Creating food that is so healthy, it is medicine.
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Protecting the land, water, air and wildlife
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The Plan

Proving that nature is still the best blueprint for life
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Links & Resources

Connecting to a larger community
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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the SA Ranch and our plans
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