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SA Ranch Goes Fully Chemical Free – December 2016

By January 1, 2017 No Comments

Our New Year’s resolution is to stop putting out synthetic chemicals on the SA Ranch.

The SA Ranch has two distinct areas.  The main farming area is up on the bench (Square Butte Bench) and the second farming is down around Arrow Creek. In 2016, we had stopped chemicals on the bench and the plan was to “wean” ourselves out of chemicals on the creek by year end 2017.  Using synthetic chemicals is against every single thing we are trying to accomplish on the Ranch and over the holidays we made the executive decision to stop cold turkey.  To keep all temptation away we are selling our expensive John Deere sprayer and this year instead of spraying our fields with RoundUp to kill the weeds, we will be doing it the old fashion way with a heavy duckfoot cultivator.  Once fields are tilled, our permanent crops will be planted and this spring’s tilling will be the last intensive cultivating done on the ranch.

Weapon of mass destruction

Ammo (RoundUp) for weapon of mass destruction

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